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 “He's absolutely wonderful. I've used him for years.”

–Joan T.

“I have had an ongoing working relationship with them for the past four years. They take care of all of my properties. They are always top of the line for me.”


“I liked Paul very much. It was nice dealing with Paul and the cleaner. I don't remember his name.”

–Mark W.

“He is quick, efficient, and he tells us what our options are and what the cost will be.”

–Jim S.

“Very professional and reasonably priced, they did a great job.”

–Peggy P.

“Thoroughness, the individual involved was very courteous and helpful.”

–Mack M.

“Their honesty, and they performed satisfactorily for me.”

–Lillian P.

“They are on time, efficient, courteous, and professional.”

–Debbie A.

“They are prompt, and they do a good job. They are always very accommodating.”

–Valerie S.

“Sean is very friendly, very open, and he listens to what our concerns are. He does a good job of meeting our needs.”

–Michael E.

“They do what they say, and they stand behind their work.”

–Denise J.

“Paul works with our schedule. He always tries to give us the 8:30 AM appointment. We use them once a year.”

–John K.

“I have stuck with them since they were part of Carpet One. I like their cleaning methods.”

–Dawn R.

“They were flexible, and they were able to get out really quickly.”

–Brian M.

“They get the work done the way they say they will, and they are on time. It seems like they know what they are doing.”


“They do a good job. The carpet comes out nice and clean.”

–Andrea G.

“They are quick. I like Sean.”

–Brenda P.

“I like that Sean works with my schedule. When I call for an appointment, he works to get me scheduled first on my Fridays off. I have been using them for about four or five years.”

–John K.

“They show up when they say they will and they do a really good job. They are always polite and nice. I've used them several times.”

–Martyn A.

“They were able to do it right away. They came out and cleaned the carpets the same day I called.”

–Steve B.

“We love them. We have been using them since 2001. They know what they are doing. We like their timeliness in getting back to us and in setting up appointments. We like their overall care of our house. ”

–Thomas F.

“They guy who came out did a very good job. The rugs were pretty clean.”

–Thomas C.

“They came and did the job in a workmanlike way. They were very respectful of my property. They put Styrofoam corners on things to protect them from damage. They were wonderful. A special thanks goes to Sean Solis, who took care of everything.”

–John R.

 Contractor License #696452
 Diamond Certified
 IICRC Registered
 VIC International Certified