Carpet Cleaning


We are committed to thoroughly cleaning your carpets by strictly following the guidelines set forth by the IICRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration). Our cleaning solutions are tough on dirt, but easy on your carpet as they contain a neutral PH making them safe for your carpet fibers. We use a powerful truck mounted extraction system that removes soil and leaves no solution residue behind.

Our certified carpet cleaning technicians are trained in removing pet and dye-based carpet spots. Sometimes, spots become permanent stains which require a patch to replace the damaged carpet fibers. Our repair technician has a C-15 contractor's license and plenty of experience to fix even the toughest carpet problems.

Our service includes the following

  • An inspection of the areas to be cleaned
  • Light furniture moving
  • Pre-treatments applied to high traffic lanes and to spots
  • Neutral PH rinse from our powerful truck mounted cleaning unit
  • Speed drying with our turbo fan system
  • Mild deodorizer, included in our rinsing process
  • A free bottle of spotter
  • Enzyme treatment for pet odors (Additional charge)
  • DuPont Teflon Protector* (Additional charge)

*DuPont Teflon Fiber Protector is strongly recommended. Initially, this protector was applied to your carpet as one of the final steps during the manufacturing process. The initial coating is designed to last approximately two years. After two years, the Teflon protector has been vacuumed or walked off and must be re-applied. DuPont Teflon Protector will make vacuuming more effective. Without DuPont Teflon, your carpets will be more susceptible to staining and traffic lane fiber damage.

$25 Off Carpet Cleaning*

Expert truck-mounted steam cleaning.
*$25 off your next service of $200 or more.

$50 Off Tile & Stone Care*

Natural stone and grout cleaning and sealing. Etch/scratch/chip repair. Interior and exterior surfaces.
*$50 off your next service of $500 or more.