Marble and Granite Cleaning and Restoration


Marble and granite are stones that exudes warmth and elegance, as well as increases your beautiful home's value. However, like any valuable investment, marble and granite need to be cared for properly. Marble and granite can become dull and damaged through daily wear and tear or scratches. Because they have such a high concentration of quartz, they can be scratched by the traces of quartz in tracked-in soil. While these individual scratches are nearly invisible, over time they can accumulate and noticeably mar the surface of highly polished stones.

CleanerOne can make any of your marble and granite surfaces look brilliant again through our cleaning, restoration and polishing services. Over the past 20 plus years in the business, we have developed a unique process to clean, polish and restore marble and granite, while preventing future damage.

We want you to feel confident in choosing CleanerOne for your fine stone care needs. When you call us, we will either provide you with a quick estimate over the phone or schedule a personal consultation to evaluate your home, business or hotel restoration project. This call is free and no commitment is required, so call us today! There is nothing to lose and so much fine quality stone restoration to gain!

$25 Off Carpet Cleaning*

Expert truck-mounted steam cleaning.
*$25 off your next service of $200 or more.

$50 Off Tile & Stone Care*

Natural stone and grout cleaning and sealing. Etch/scratch/chip repair. Interior and exterior surfaces.
*$50 off your next service of $500 or more.