Rug Cleaning


CleanerOne offers an in-home area rug cleaning service that provides similar results as an in-plant cleaning service, for a fraction of the cost. With our service, there is no pick up, no waiting, and no hassle. In most cases, synthetic area rugs and most wool area rugs can be safely cleaned in your home.

Our certified area rug cleaning technicians will provide:

  • A complete pre-inspection of the area rug
  • A written estimate
  • Testing for color stability
  • A complete pre-spotting, cleaning, and rinsing of the rug
  • Deodorization (as part of the rinsing process)
  • Speed drying with our turbo drying system
  • Enzyme application (additional cost)
  • DuPont Teflon Fiber Protector* (additional cost)

*DuPont Teflon Fiber Protector is strongly recommended. Initially, this protector was applied to your carpet as one of the final steps during the manufacturing process. The initial coating is designed to last approximately two years. After two years, the Teflon protector has been vacuumed or walked off and must be re-applied. DuPont Teflon Protector will make vacuuming more effective. Without DuPont Teflon, your carpets will be more susceptible to staining and traffic lane fiber damage.

$25 Off Carpet Cleaning*

Expert truck-mounted steam cleaning.
*$25 off your next service of $200 or more.

$50 Off Tile & Stone Care*

Natural stone and grout cleaning and sealing. Etch/scratch/chip repair. Interior and exterior surfaces.
*$50 off your next service of $500 or more.