Stone and Concrete Cleaning


At CleanerOne we take pride in restoring a tired and lifeless natural stone surface. We have cleaned and restored nearly every type of stone and we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time. Our process begins with of a deep pre-cleaning to remove various soils from the surface and, in most cases, is followed by a diamond grinding (honing) to remove light scratches and etching. Next, we apply a special polishing compound and then we thoroughly extract and rinse the surface. To complete the process, we apply a sealer and buff the surface.*

As part of the cleaning and restoration process, we can deliver any look you desire: high shine, medium shine, matte finish, and even color enhancing. We also repair minor grout and caulking issues, as well as chips and cracks in your natural stone.

Of special concern are fine stone surfaces. They need to be sealed properly and maintained with appropriate cleaners and polishing products. Even though granite is extremely hard it is still porous. Food, soil and especially oils can discolor granite if it is not sealed or maintained correctly. A top of the line impregnator sealer applied by one of CleanerOne's certified technicians will protect your beautiful investment and keep it looking great for years. Every stone service includes a complementary granite countertop polish. This is a great product to help you keep your counters looking new.

* After listening to your concerns and performing a thorough pre-inspection, we will recommend the best procedure for your job. We go over all details with you before we begin.

$25 Off Carpet Cleaning*

Expert truck-mounted steam cleaning.
*$25 off your next service of $200 or more.

$50 Off Tile & Stone Care*

Natural stone and grout cleaning and sealing. Etch/scratch/chip repair. Interior and exterior surfaces.
*$50 off your next service of $500 or more.