How to Reduce Indoor Allergies


The following are some tips for reducing indoor allergies in your home and specifically, in your carpeting-helping you to keep your "home sweet home" A healthy one for you and your family:

  • "Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum." This cannot be stressed enough. You should vacuum at least twice a week, more often if you have pets. Vacuuming helps rid your carpeting of dust, dust mite feces, animal hair and dander, human hair and dead skin, mold spores, dead bugs and abrasive- carpet life shortening- sand and soil. Make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner that has a high efficiency HEPA filtering system. If you need suggestions for a new vacuum, call us. Don't sweep your hard surface flooring. Sweeping redistributes allergies to the air. Vacuum your floors, followed by a damp mop, will help keep the air that your family breathes cleaner.
  • Adopt a no shoes policy in your home. This will keep outdoor pollutants from entering the home.
  • If you have forced air heating and cooling systems, leave the fan switch to on at all times. This will continually circulate the air in your home through the air filters, removing airborne particulates. Make sure that you change your filters monthly. Consider using high efficiency HEPA air filters.

Follow these simple tips, and not only will you have a healthier home, but your carpeting will last longer also.

A carpet and allergies are like best friends. Your carpets soaks up anything that touches it and it wont release it until it is thoroughly washed. You wouldn't wear a t-shirt for a year without washing it. Carpet is fibrous material just like your clothes. The link between your carpet and allergies is indisputable- but it is made better or worse depending on how old the carpet is, how thick it is and it's quality (Some poor carpets shed more easily) of course if you clean it more, it should contain less allergens also. We recommend at least once a year to year and a half.

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